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Cannes Do: A Filmmaker’s Personal Guide To Cannes, Day Five
By Patricia Chica

Independent filmmaker Patricia Chica is covering the 2014 Cannes Film Festival for us. You can read part one of Patricia Chica’s personal Cannes diary right here, part two here, part three here, and part four here. Today, on day five, Patricia takes a much-needed “Day Off” and tells us where a filmmaker can get some food […]

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Aaron Yeger Discovers A People Uncounted: An Interview
by Kyle Rupprecht

After several years on the film fest circuit, Aaron Yeger’s poignant documentary A People Uncounted, about the history of the Roma people, opens today in New York City. MovieMaker spoke to Yeger about the film back in 2011, and to celebrate its eventual release, we’re revisiting that interview. In his feature directorial debut A People Uncounted, […]

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Patricia Chica and Badazz Films Team in Cannes

Cannes Do: A Filmmaker’s Personal Guide To Cannes, Day One
By Patricia Chica

Patricia Chica is an independent Canadian filmmaker taking three of her short films to the 2014 Cannes Film Market. Luckily for all of us, she has agreed to keep a  personal diary for MovieMaker, about how filmmakers like her can get the most out of their Cannes adventures. Patricia will be sharing her day-to-day experiences […]

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Festival Friday Spotlight: Blue Whiskey Independent Film Festival Shares Recipe for Perfect Festival Cocktail
by Lara Colocino and Haven Goldstein

Blue Whiskey Independent Film Festival (BWiFF) was born to be original. The festival’s name may lead you to imagine a strangely colored alcoholic beverage one might ingest on a beach – and in fact, we still aren’t quite sure what the moniker has to do with film. All we do know is that with over […]

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2013 S.F. Frozen Film Festival Poster copy

Festival Spotlight Friday: San Francisco Frozen Film Festival is Hella Chill
by Lara Colocino

No one can say that the San Francisco Frozen Film Festival (SFFFF) is short on spirit. The festival aims to broaden its community’s film scene by screening great films, showcasing new art, playing music, and more, but the organizers also exude a contagious love of cinema and a genuine desire to help moviemakers share their […]

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Los Angeles Film Festival

Festival Spotlight Friday: Los Angeles Film Festival Celebrates 19th Year
by Lara Colocino

The Los Angeles Film Festival began with a bang June 13 and runs through this Sunday, June 23rd Our new Festival Spotlight Friday series threads together MovieMaker’s long-running Festival Beat, a collective journal featuring some of the year’s most interesting film festivals. Each week we’ll report from cities across North America and beyond to give […]

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The New Festival in Coachella: Triumphs, failures, and lessons from the inaugural AMFM Fest
by James Kaelan

The inaugural AMFM Fest, which shares a valley with the Coachella Art and Music Festival, may have been too ambitious. But the future is bright. Starting a new film festival in a big city is tantamount to gentrifying a neighborhood. Not only do you have to program great films, host good parties, and assemble intelligent […]

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2013 Los Angeles Film Festival: 10 premieres to catch at LAFF
by Josh Ralske

This year’s Los Angeles Film Festival (LAFF) offers a uniquely broad-ranging view of contemporary cinema. Aside from their World Premiere-heavy Documentary and Narrative Competitions, the fest has both an International Showcase and a Summer Showcase, featuring a surfeit of well-regarded entries from other festivals (e.g. Drug War, The Act of Killing, Nobody’s Daughter Haewon, Concussion, […]

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Bringing Film to Coachella: AMFM Fest aims to bring film, art, and more music to the Coachella Valley
by James Kaelan

AMFM Fest, the new acronymic festival in the Coachella Valley, might just be aiming to overthrow that other four-letter film and music event in Austin. Every spring in Austin, any casual scholar of antiquity might recognize—amongst the faces of the SXSW denizens—disciples of Caligula and Nero, stumbling drunkenly from over-crowded bar to over-crowded screening as […]

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Screenin’ in the Rain: Notes on Cannes 2013, Part I
by Aaron Hillis

It wasn’t until the midpoint of a drizzlier and gustier than usual edition of the Cannes Film Festival that the red carpets seemed to dry—or should I say heat up, as some of the finest competition titles only emerged from behind the clouds in the back half. By then, future Palme d’Or winner Blue is the […]

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