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My America: Attitudes and Ideas of a Nation
by Hal Hartley

This week, on the heels of Independence Day, director Hal Hartley (No Such Thing) discusses his latest feature film, My America, which knits together the emotions and people that define the United States. Commissioned by Center Stage, the state theater of Maryland, the film consists of a series of spirited monologues written and performed by […]

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Kelly Reichardt Feature

The 50-Year Road Trip: Kelly Reichardt on Night Moves
By Josh Ralske

The multi-award-winning Kelly Reichardt has produced work of such routinely superb quality that it eluded me until recently how far outside the mainstream she’s considered. She’s justly revered by discerning film critics and festival programmers, and these days, thanks in part to Michelle Williams’ outstanding work in Wendy & Lucy and Meek’s Cutoff, A-list actors […]

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Aaron Yeger Discovers A People Uncounted: An Interview
by Kyle Rupprecht

After several years on the film fest circuit, Aaron Yeger’s poignant documentary A People Uncounted, about the history of the Roma people, opens today in New York City. MovieMaker spoke to Yeger about the film back in 2011, and to celebrate its eventual release, we’re revisiting that interview. In his feature directorial debut A People Uncounted, […]

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Atom Egoyan's Golden Rules

Wisdom Wednesday: Atom Egoyan’s Golden Rules
by Atom Egoyan

This Wisdom Wednesday, director Atom Egoyan tells us his golden rules for happiness, both in the realm of moviemaking and life in general. The Egypt-born, Canada-bred Egoyan has written, directed, produced and edited more than 25 films and television shows. His credits include Next of Kin, Family Viewing, Speaking Parts, Calendar, Exotica, Felicia’s Journey, and Ararat. He was […]

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Copy of Copy of Blue Ruin Poster

How They Did It: the Incredible-but-True Story of Blue Ruin
by Jeremy Saulnier

Blue Ruin‘s director-writer-DP, Jeremy Saulnier, shares one of MovieMaker‘s greatest “How They Did It” stories of all time, lying, begging and impoverishing himself on the way to Cannes glory with his sleek bullet of a revenge thriller. This article appears in full in our Spring issue, on stands now. Prologue I’ve come to embrace the […]

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Arrested Development: Edgar Wright Flashback
by David Fear

Seven years ago, MovieMaker interviewed British director Edgar Wright about the second part of his Blood and Cornetto trilogy: the devilishly sharp cop-movie parody Hot Fuzz. Today Wright turns 40, and to celebrate his singular cinematic style we’re revisiting this typically droll conversation between the director, his longtime collaborator Simon Pegg, and writer David Fear. […]

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Living Things directed by Eric Shapiro

It’s Vegans vs. Carnivores in Living Things: an Interview with Eric Shapiro
by MM Editors

Eric Shapiro is the writer and director of Living Things: A Vegan & Meat Debate. A prolific horror writer, Shapiro translates his experience crafting scares into a tense drama about the politics of food, with Rhoda Jordan as a liberal yogini and Ben Siegel as her more conservative father-in-law. In this interview with MovieMaker Magazine, […]

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Reality Bites 20th Anniversary Retrospective: Ben Stiller Bytes
by Kathleen McInnis

Reality Bites, that seminal early-’90s snapshot of post-college love and ennui, turns 20 years old this week, first premiering February 18, 1994. We dug out an interview with director Ben Stiller from way back when (no joke. It was original published in MovieMaker‘s fourth issue ever, March 1994; see pictures below for proof). Here you […]

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Wisdom Wednesday: Paul W.S. Anderson’s Rules Can Be Deadly
by Paul W.S. Anderson

Paul W.S. Anderson first gained recognition in his native England when he wrote and directed Shopping, starring Jude Law, in 1994. Though the film was banned in several British cinemas and released only in an edited, direct-to-video version in the U.S., Hollywood took notice of the newcomer’s talents. Anderson became a go-to action director after adapting […]

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An Interview with Director Stephen Frears: on Strong Women, William Wyler, and Philomena
by Jeff Meyers

On the occasion of the U.S. release of Philomena, starring the ever-formidable Judi Dench as its classically-named heroine, MovieMaker writer Jeff Meyers attempts to pry open the equally venerable director Stephen Frears. I went in blind, so to speak. As is my habit, I tend to avoid reading previous interviews with a subject so that […]

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