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Arrested Development: Edgar Wright Flashback
by David Fear

Seven years ago, MovieMaker interviewed British director Edgar Wright about the second part of his Blood and Cornetto trilogy: the devilishly sharp cop-movie parody Hot Fuzz. Today Wright turns 40, and to celebrate his singular cinematic style we’re revisiting this typically droll conversation between the director, his longtime collaborator Simon Pegg, and writer David Fear. [...]

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Living Things directed by Eric Shapiro

It’s Vegans vs. Carnivores in Living Things: an Interview with Eric Shapiro
by MM Editors

Eric Shapiro is the writer and director of Living Things: A Vegan & Meat Debate. A prolific horror writer, Shapiro translates his experience crafting scares into a tense drama about the politics of food, with Rhoda Jordan as a liberal yogini and Ben Siegel as her more conservative father-in-law. In this interview with MovieMaker Magazine, [...]

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Reality Bites 20th Anniversary Retrospective: Ben Stiller Bytes
by Kathleen McInnis

Reality Bites, that seminal early-’90s snapshot of post-college love and ennui, turns 20 years old this week, first premiering February 18, 1994. We dug out an interview with director Ben Stiller from way back when (no joke. It was original published in MovieMaker‘s fourth issue ever, March 1994; see pictures below for proof). Here you [...]

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Wisdom Wednesday: Paul W.S. Anderson’s Rules Can Be Deadly
by Paul W.S. Anderson

Paul W.S. Anderson first gained recognition in his native England when he wrote and directed Shopping, starring Jude Law, in 1994. Though the film was banned in several British cinemas and released only in an edited, direct-to-video version in the U.S., Hollywood took notice of the newcomer’s talents. Anderson became a go-to action director after adapting [...]

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An Interview with Director Stephen Frears: on Strong Women, William Wyler, and Philomena
by Jeff Meyers

On the occasion of the U.S. release of Philomena, starring the ever-formidable Judi Dench as its classically-named heroine, MovieMaker writer Jeff Meyers attempts to pry open the equally venerable director Stephen Frears. I went in blind, so to speak. As is my habit, I tend to avoid reading previous interviews with a subject so that [...]

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New Picture (15)

Getting to The Other Shore: the Inspiring Diana Nyad Documentary (Part One of Interview)
by Lara Colocino

We’re celebrating the opening of our latest VOD offering, The Other Shore, with a splash: a two-part interview with director Timothy Wheeler and producer Kevin Abrams. Make sure to read part two, and be sure to watch the film after you read about its journey into being (or the other way around if you’re afraid [...]

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Errol Morris

Wisdom Wednesday:
Errol Morris’ Five Golden Rules of Moviemaking
by Errol Morris

This week’s Wisdom Wednesday brings you five short and punchy golden rules from Academy Award-winning documentarian Errol Morris. In his groundbreaking and critically acclaimed documentaries, world-renowned moviemaker 
Errol Morris has tackled a diverse slate of topics that includes pet cemeteries (Gates of Heaven), the torture of suspected terrorists at Abu Ghraib (Standard Operating Procedure), Vietnam-era [...]

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Editor’s Weekend Pick: Short Term 12
by Destin Daniel Cretton

MovieMaker‘s pick of the films out in theaters this week is the award-winning, heart-pumping Short Term 12, and we’re celebrating its release with an exclusive article by writer-director Destin Daniel Cretton, appearing in our upcoming 2014 Complete Guide to Making Movies special issue. Much of the emotional strength of Short Term 12 derives from its [...]

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Wisdom Wednesday: Chris Weitz’s 21 Golden Rules of Filmmaking
by Chris Weitz

This week, our Wednesday Words of Wisdom come from the Hollywood jack-of-all-trades that is Chris Weitz. The consummate professional reminds fellow moviemakers to avoid clichés and always mind their manners on set. Writer. Director. Producer. Actor. Chris Weitz has done it all. The New York-born, Cambridge-educated Weitz started his career working alongside his brother, Paul, [...]

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Wisdom Wednesday: Julie Taymor’s 10 Golden Rules of Filmmaking
by Julie Taymor

Massachusetts-born director Julie Taymor is daringly uncompromising in her vivid, larger-than-life cinematic visions, and urges other moviemakers to be the same in this Wednesday’s Words of Wisdom. The young Taymor started her career on the Awaji Island, Japan, studying pre-Bunraku puppetry to learn more about experimental theater. The versatile artist has since found success both [...]

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