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Wisdom Wednesday: Randall Emmett’s 13 Golden Rules of Producing
by Randall Emmett

Born and raised in Miami, Randall Emmett started his long and prolific producing career in the unlikely position of Mark Wahlberg’s assistant. Since then, he has produced, amongst countless others, films like Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans, End of Watch, Wicker Man, The Amityville Horror, Righteous Kill, 88 Minutes, King of California, 16 Blocks, Lay the Favorite, 2008’s Rambo and The Contract ­— a list […]

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stormsurf copy

MovieMaker Editor’s Weekend Pick: Storm Surfers 3D
by Rory Owen Delaney

Storm Surfers 3D delivers big wave-riding experience for moviegoers!  This week’s MovieMaker Editor’s Weekend Pick is the Australian big wave surfing documentary, Storm Surfers 3D, directed by Justin McMillan and Christopher Nelius. While a lot of you might be rolling your eyes about another 3D movie, this epic uses the technology as far more than […]

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Editor’s Weekend Pick: A Hijacking
by Tobias Lindholm

Our inaugural choice for Editor’s Weekend Pick is Tobias Lindholm’s A Hijacking. MovieMaker’s Weekend Pick is a window on our editorial staff’s favorite theatrical release of the upcoming weekend. Every Thursday, we’ll plow through the dozens of new films opening on the upcoming weekend and we’ll choose one title we think is most deserving of your […]

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crowdfunding Trailblazer Tuesday: Ongoing Call for Crowdfunding Campaign Submissions’s Ongoing Call for Crowdfunding Campaign Submissions to Spotlight the Front Lines of Film. MovieMaker Magazine is looking for crowdfunding campaign submissions for our new web article series, MovieMaker’s Trailblazer Tuesday, to be launched in upcoming weeks on Every alternate Tuesday, our editors will select an online film campaign to endorse as our official […]

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CBGB Movie

CBGB Movie Coming to the Big Screen

CBGB Movie Coming to the Big Screen Oct 2013. If you haven’t heard of the New York City club, CBGB, you soon will. Fans of American Punk Rock music will be excited to hear that XLrator Media has just acquired the distribution rights for the CBGB movie. CBGB, which derived its name from its initial […]

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2013 Forecast: My premature “Ten Best” list for 2013
by Josh Ralske

You can either look at January as a studio dumping ground and a wasteland, or you can see it as full of potential for the coming year. I’m not going to pretend to be able to guess what those crazy AMPAS people might like a year from now (who could possibly predict the next Les Mis?!), […]


Sundance 2013: Six Unmissable Films Premiering in Park City

by Valentina Valentini | Published January 16, 2013 C.O.G. First Adaptation of David Sedaris’ Work Directed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez There might not be anything more exciting in the world of satirical comedy than the first-ever adaptation of a David Sedaris story. Written and directed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez, who wowed fest audiences back in 2008 with […]


Sundance 2013 Breakdown: What’s in a Logline?

We make snap judgements about which movies we’re going to see and not see all the time. Usually when picking out a movie we ask “what’s it about?” and then “who’s in it?” As in “it’s the one where the guy beats people up for information,” and “Tom Cruise.” In the case of Sundance films, […]

feature film project

The Feature Film Project: One independent film, 100 screens

Can a successful feature film debut be crowd-sourced? The Feature Film Project, an offshoot of MANHATTAN SHORT, aims to find out just that. This spring, we’re launching what we hope is a totally innovative program, one that lets the movie-going public vote on whether or not a feature film should be given a week-long run […]


ZERO DARK THIRTY, UPSTREAM COLORS, and the Agony of Anticipation
by Josh Ralske

The Tortuous Torture Debate The “debate” over the depiction of torture in one of my favorite movies of the year, Zero Dark Thirty, continues apace. I don’t remember the last time a film engendered so much contention before it opened. Perhaps it was The Last Temptation of Christ. Let me state for the record that […]