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How They Did It: DP Natasha Braier On Surviving the Outback in The Rover
By Natasha Braier, as told to Kerry O’Conor

Hot off the press, from our Summer 2014 issue: How the cinematographer of the dystopian thriller The Rover harnessed the punishing heat and scarred landscape of the Australian outback. Before I met with director David Michôd for the first time on set, we sat down and talked for 10 days, going through the whole script […]

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Aaron Yeger Discovers A People Uncounted: An Interview
by Kyle Rupprecht

After several years on the film fest circuit, Aaron Yeger’s poignant documentary A People Uncounted, about the history of the Roma people, opens today in New York City. MovieMaker spoke to Yeger about the film back in 2011, and to celebrate its eventual release, we’re revisiting that interview. In his feature directorial debut A People Uncounted, […]

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sol negrin 2

DIY Monday: Sol Negrin, Candid Cameraman, Shares His Tips On Teaching—And Learning—Cinematography
by Rebecca Pahle

Veteran cinematographer Sol Negrin, ASC understands the challenges of bringing cinematography from the set to the classroom. Now a professor at New York’s Five Towns College, Negrin’s six-decade-long career—during which he worked on projects like Coming to America and Superman—led to him being handed the 2010 President’s Award by the American Society of Cinematographers and, […]

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Surf’s Up!: The Most Bodacious Surfing Movies
by Kyle Rupprecht

Much like an ocean wave, the surfing movie subgenre has seen its share of peaks and valleys. The innocuous yet charming 1959 teen comedy Gidget is often credited as bringing the surfing subculture into the mainstream. The success of the film, about a spunky teenage girl (played by Sandra Dee) desperate to become a surfer, […]

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Martha Marcy May Marlene: Interiors Journal dissects the space of Sean Durkin’s film

Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011), Sean Durkin’s directorial debut makes extensive use of two locations: A farmhouse, where Martha (Elizabeth Olsen) lives before running away, and a lake house, where she stays with her sister Lucy (Sarah Paulson) and her sister’s husband Ted (Hugh Dancy). In an exclusive interview with Interiors, Durkin spoke with Interiors […]

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The Golden Voyage of Ray Harryhausen
by Kyle Rupprecht

Visual effects pioneer Ray Harryhausen passed away last week at the age of 92. Long before the days of CGI and motion capture, movie monsters were sculpted by hand and brought to life via stop-motion animation. One of the key innovators during this time was special effects maestro Ray Harryhausen, who created his own unique brand of […]

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decoding-annie-parker copy

Decoding Annie Parker: Veteran Cinematographer Takes Turn at the Helm
by Bob Fisher

 Decoding Annie Parker marks the feature film directing debut of long-time indie cinematographer Steven Bernstein, ASC, who has over 40 cinematography credits, beginning with Conspiracy in 1989. Decoding Annie Parker takes audiences on an intimate journey based on the real life experiences of two women, who live in parallel worlds. Bernstein was attracted to the story because he was […]

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The Face of the Prophet: Vittorio Storaro Photographs Part One of The Life of Mohammad
by Bob Fisher

Vittoria Storaro’s ambitious new project is a collaboration with Iranian director Majid Majidi (Children of Heaven, The Song of Sparrows) on the production of Mohammad. There are short segments at the beginning and end of the film where the adult Mohammad leaves Mecca and journeys to Medina where he becomes the prophet of Islam, but […]

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The American Film Showcase: Harrison Engle shares memories of South Korea
by Bob Fisher

The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs launched the American Film Showcase (AFS) in October, 2011, with the goal of introducing people around the world to American culture and values through the global language of film. The Showcase, administered by the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, sent contemporary […]

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Shooting The Kitchen: Trying to keep a one-location indie visually interesting
by Josh Silfen

In early 2011, my longtime friend and collaborator, director Ishai Setton, told me about a (very) low-budget feature he was trying to get off the ground called The Kitchen. I had shot his first two features, The Big Bad Swim, and 3 Days of Normal, and while those were also low-budget films, we shot them […]

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