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The Way, Way Back: Coming of Age in Hollywood
by Kyle Rupprecht

Young adulthood has long represented a rich source of inspiration for moviemakers. This confusing and confused life stage offers moviemakers ample room for gross-out comedy, tender drama, tragedy and everything in between. Many classic movies have explored the theme of a young character’s coming of age, from Great Expectations to The Graduate. It is clear why moviemakers have continually panned […]

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East of Eden: Megan Griffiths’ harrowing tale of sex-trafficking and survival
by KJ Doughton

Eden, Megan Griffiths’ stunning new film, exists within the perverted—and unsettlingly pervasive—world of human sex trafficking. A lucrative global industry, the CIA estimates that 50,000 women and children in the U.S. alone are held captive within this insidious shadow economy. Business is good. In Eden, we observe an underage girl (Jamie Chung) snatched from her […]

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Fake Independence and Reel Truth, Pt. 4: Approaching a film set with a truly open mind
by Ray Carney

Read Part 1 Read Part 2 Read Part 3 My favorite metaphor for thinking about artists is as students and teachers. (Since I’m a teacher, I admit that my occupation probably biases me.) Like students and teachers, above everything else, real artists must be humble and willing to learn. They must open themselves up and […]

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Fake Independence and Reel Truth, Pt. 3: Plastic emotions and lite art
by Ray Carney

Read Part 1 Read Part 2 Read Part 4 Surely I’m not the only person in America weary of stylistic games and jokes. I can’t be the only one who wants a movie to teach me something, to change me—not merely to spin around chasing its own tail, no matter how stylistically virtuosic it may […]

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Interiors Journal: Haneke’s Amour
by Interiors Journal

Every month, Interiors Journal dissects the floorplan of a film set to investigate the relationship between space and action. This month they’re focusing their attention on Michael Haneke’s Academy Award-winning Amour. Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen the film yet, this article—which we’re reprinting with permission—gives away some critical plot details of the film. So […]

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Fake Independence and Reel Truth, Pt. 2: A look back at the criticism of Ray Carney

Read Part 1 We want our knowledge easy. We want experiences that will snap like Legos into place with what we are already familiar with. But that’s what great art never does. It gets us out of our old patterns and into new rhythms. All growth, if it is important growth, is going to hurt […]

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Fake Independence and Reel Truth, Pt. 1: Ray Carney’s incendiary film criticism feels as vital today as it did 15 years ago

As Filmmaker Magazine reported in its latest issue, the seminal expert on John Cassavetes’ oeuvre, Ray Carney, has refused to relinquish control of a cache of experimental film prints belonging to the avant garde filmmaker, Mark Rappaport. In a letter to Boston University, where Mr. Carney teaches, Rappaport wrote: “This is not a legal matter between Carney […]

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Rotterdam 2013: Hivos Tiger Award-winner Daniel Hoesl discusses Soldate Jeannette
by James Kaelan

The 2013 International Film Festival Rotterdam, as always, awarded some of the most progressive young filmmakers in the world with the coveted Hivos Tiger Award. In this dispatch, MovieMaker chats with Tiger Award-winning Austrian auteur Daniel Hoesl about his film Soldate Jeannette. Hoesl, who made his film for $60,000, cast his actresses before writing the […]

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2013 Forecast: My premature “Ten Best” list for 2013
by Josh Ralske

You can either look at January as a studio dumping ground and a wasteland, or you can see it as full of potential for the coming year. I’m not going to pretend to be able to guess what those crazy AMPAS people might like a year from now (who could possibly predict the next Les Mis?!), […]


Top 10: MovieMaker’s second, and perhaps even more pretentious, “Best Films of 2012″ list
by James Kaelan

This is my first year with MovieMaker. Accordingly, when I sat down to mull over my 2012 Top 10 films list, I needed, first, to define my role as a critic and trend-arbiter. But what the hell is my role? My taste ranges from painfully esoteric miserablist epics to some mainstream blockbusters (during the last twelve […]