Sexualized Garbage: Unsatisfied Reader Leaves Disgruntled Voice Mail
by Kelly Leow

We don’t get that much hate mail at MovieMaker, but when we do, we like to share it! 

Hate Mail

MovieMaker staff recently received an anonymous message in our voicemail inbox from one dissatisfied subscriber. In the message, he refers to the front and back covers of our most recent Summer issue (currently on sale in the U.S. and Canada). The following video contains both the voicemail recording and the offensive images in question.

Our goal at MovieMaker is to always encourage feedback as much as possible, and we value criticism as much as (in this case, more than) we value praise. So keep it coming, readers! We welcome thoughtful commentary on every aspect of the magazine, from cover lines to advertising copy, paper stock, and whether or not we feature some of the most pressing social justice debates in contemporary culture. No opinion matters more than yours.

And to the nameless reader we regretfully offended: be sure to check out our next episode, MovieMaker’s annual Complete Guide to Making Movies, which hits stands next month – we’ve gone decidedly demure with the cover this time. Whew. (P.S. Watch out for the new Varizoom ad on the back, though.)

Sexualized Garbage from MovieMaker Magazine on Vimeo.

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One comment on “Sexualized Garbage: Unsatisfied Reader Leaves Disgruntled Voice Mail
by Kelly Leow

  1. Eric Norcross on said:

    Oh dear – this guy is an idiot.

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