Avid and Adobe Sponsor Editor’s Retreat in Miami

What editor wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to spend four days in a tropical locale honing his or her craft, rubbing elbows with leaders in the field and going home with $5,000 worth of swag? That’s right. Avid and Adobe are returning to sponsor Future Media Concepts’ fifth annual Editor’s Retreat in Miami Beach from January 13-16, and the gift bag is an editor’s dream.

The powerhouse media effects giants are only two contributors to the gift bag (also sponsored by Automatic Duck, CGM Digieffects, Freeplay Music, NAB and Noise Industries) which contains plug-ins, training, software and licenses including: Digiteffects Megasuite ($799), Automatic Duck Plug-In ($495), FMC Training Course ($1,500), Adobe Premiere Pro ($799), NAB Post Production Conference Pass ($895) and Noise Industries’ ExFactory Pro ($399).

“We are excited to have Adobe and Avid back on board as our main sponsors,” says Ben Kozuch, co-founder and president of Future Media Concepts. “[Attendees] walk away with fresh skills and newfound confidence, compliments of the amazing trainers, speakers and keynotes that come out of the retreat year after year.”

Adds Avid marketing manager Angus Mackay: “Avid seeks out these events to be a resource to the post-production community, knowing the high caliber of attendees and presenters and the depth of knowledge and industry insight that will be shared.”

The Editor’s Retreat will offer advanced workshops, discussions on emerging trends, cutting-edge technology application and workflow technique. This year also features keynote speaker Christopher Nelson, an Emmy-nominated Avid editor who has worked on the hit dramas “Lost” and “Mad Men.”

Registration for the retreat is still open, but each attendee must have at least five years of professional experience to apply. Attendance is limited and pricing varies by package. For more information visit www.editorsretreat.com.

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